Crafting an electric violin

Hello, I am new to this site, and app and I hope that this subject is within the guidelines. Electric violins have high impedance piezo pickups and sound a bit thin and reedy. How does an absolute tech novice improve the sound?

Hello Unique. Which audio interface are you using Deplike with? An interface with a pre-amp or phantom power option could improve your sound.

Thanks fret master, so far i am still looking and have just ordered a USB interface for Android. I’ll try the pre amp and Phantom power that you have suggested and report. Thanks again

Awesome! These are the list of audio interfaces that are compatible with smartphones and tablets: Suggested Audio Interfaces - Deplike - Guitar Amps & FX Pedals

Thanks, I am waiting on a Behringa.

Well the Behringer guitar link does not have any sound out on samsung 8+.the indicator bars bottom right show movement but nothing comes out. Drat.

Can you hear the sound coming from media files or Youtube through the Behringer setup?

Thanks for pointing that out. When I was unable to get any sound I checked the plug my headphones :grimacing:. Yep all fixed now. Thanks again.

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