Guitar interfaces to connect your guitar to your phone or tablet

This guide will help you along with these questions:

  • How can I play guitar without using an amp?
  • How can I play guitar from my phone through a headphone?
  • Which audio interfaces to use to get guitar effects from phones and tablets?How can you connect your guitar to your Android or iOS mobile device?

First of all, you need to search for an audio interface. An audio interface (or guitar interface) is a tool that lets you transmit your signal to a device – mobile devices or computers.

Two different types of guitar/bass interfaces are available on the market:

  • Digital guitar interfaces, which connect through the USB port on your device
  • Analog guitar interfaces, which connect through the headphone jack on your device

Here are some of the audio interfaces that can be used to connect the guitar to an Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad: Suggested audio interfaces for Deplike mobile app.

Why should you prefer a USB (digital) audio interface over an analog (jack) one?

Analog audio interfaces transfer the audio coming from the guitar directly into the phone/tablet, without processing. Since smartphones and tablets are digital devices, this analog audio wave coming from the guitar may not be handled correctly. This might result in problems with the sound quality and audio latency.

As the USB audio interfaces convert the audio wave into a digital audio signal that smartphones and tablets can process well. The sound coming back from these mobile devices will be clear of any noises and there will be no latency.

You can use this interface to connect your guitar to your iOS and Android mobile devices. This way, you get your dream guitar tone by using 20 effects pedals, 15 amps and cabinets by Deplike app. A USB OTG that converts USB type B to your phone’s USB type is needed to plug the interface into your phone.