I want to sound like Slash/Metallica/RHCP etc. Is this possible?

  • “How can I reach the guitar tone of Slash?”
  • “I want my guitar to sound like Metallica.”
  • “Which guitar pedals does Jimi Hendrix use?”
  • “What are the amp settings for Stairway to Heaven?”

Deplike has more than 25.000 presets already and every day hundreds of new presets arrive. It’s highly probable that you will find your favorite artists’ tone. Check the following guide:

Gojira tones: >noisegate>compressor>Soldano>EQ>soldano cabinet https://youtu.be/OgdpCi0pYvA

Tony Danza Tapdance Extravganza tones: >noisegate>tubescreamer(only if you are using guitar that sounds lowgainy)>DST>Tangerine cab https://youtu.be/AiF5ytpc-wo

Djenty tone recipe:


tubescreamer (Level MAX, Tone MIN, Gain MIN)

5550 amp (5150 lol) - Gain 13,5 / Bass min / Mid 14 / High 15 / Presence 15 / Vol 13,5

Tangerine or 5500 cabinet

Fear Factory “demanufacture” tone:


tubescreamer (Levep MAX, Tone MAX, Dist min), it was built in to the Dino’s custom JCM800 by that famous luthier

JCM800, settings as “djenti tone” before- just low the Bass and let the Mids and Highs cut through; Pre-Amp MAX

Tangerine or Marshall cabinets due to your feeling