Some feedback after a few days of playing

First of all, love this app. All things said below are nice to haves.

  1. Vertical view. Please don’t force my phone into horizontal view
  2. A better way to store my presets. It’s currently confusing to navigate through the menu to search for my own presets.
  3. Just tagging a preset isn’t enough. Let us name our presets.
  4. Can ppl vote for presets they find good? There are currently alot of bad ones out there.
  5. I noticed I am able to play YouTube or other music apps at the same time as deplike. But deplike turns off automatically after a couple of minutes. Can we keep it running? I like to play along with backing tracks I find on YouTube.
  6. A more convenient and quick way to switch between presets without having to go into the presets screen woild be nice.

That’s it. I love this app.