Sound is playing in mono

Hello! Everything is great with the app except one thing : all sound coming from the app is mono. It’s not my headphones’ fault, tried different ones. Android stereo-to-mono converter is turned off. All my music players/youtube/etc. sound properly.

App : latest ver. from GP
My device : Redmi 9

Are you using a stereo reverb effect? Do you get the same problem with a dry signal from the app - with no effects pedals?

There’s no stereo at all. Stereo reverb is mono too

Deplike’s default output is stereo, and this problem is quite uncommon. If you provide more details about your audio interface and the Android version of your device, we will look into it.

Gear :
• Redmi 9
• Jack in and out splitter cable
• 6.3-3.5 Jack adapter
Connection :
• Guitar>Jack adapter>Splitter In
• Headphones>Splitter Out

Tried to plug headphones directly to the phone, nothing changes

That’s all i can tell you :slight_smile:

I tried using splitter cables, didn’t really work out. Sound output is okay, but it doesn’t take input from my guitar signal. Rather it just records from the phone’s internal microphone, which is so noisy that it’s impossible to use. If you can’t find a way, consider buying a usb guitar link. And if you can, do let me know please :))